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Learn how to earn strong, secured returns as a real estate private lender and passive investor.


How passive investors are earning strong, stable returns on their investment capital with a secured physical asset.

The Current Investment Marketplace Has Created A “Perfect Storm” Situation For Investors Seeking An Alternative Route To Traditional Investments.

Freeland has been consistently earning strong secured yields for its clients since 2015. Our investors earn these returns with virtually no effort. Learn and discover:

High Net Returns

How passive investors are earning double-digit returns on their investment capital through a secured physical asset.


How passive investors are able to reduce risk by diversifying their portfolio through multiple real estate investing opportunities. This includes a wide variety of real estate asset-backed strategies such as high yield notes and mortgages on both residential and commercial investments, private lending, and value-add direct acquisition of residential and multi-family real estate.


How to maximize a return through passive income by avoiding costly fees and minimizing the risks associated with actively investing in real estate.


Secured Investing

How to better protect your investments with a physical asset secured with a note and mortgage.

Physical Assets

See why all investments are made in debt and equity backed by physical assets, and how that protects your hard earned money.

Small Balance

Discover how to diversify across a wide variety of non-institutional real estate asset-based investing opportunities that vary in size, scope and scale.

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